Party in Purple

My wife Kim and I had the great pleasure of being special guests at and attending the Alzheimer’s Association Delaware Valley Chapter’s 2017 Party in Purple Gala at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, PA on this past Saturday night, February 11th.

It was so nice to have been able to celebrate life with dancing, delicious food, and good spirits. So many times when we engage in activities related to raising awareness and support for Alzheimer’s, there is a tendency to inject the sadness of living with the disease and those we have lost and what it does to the caregivers and families. These types events are crucially important and we must meditate on them. We also need event’s like the Party In Purple, yes of course as an additional vehicle to raise funds and awareness, but also to celebrate. To celebrate the lives we have lost to this disease and to those still living with the disease with love.  We need to celebrate the accomplishments of the Alzheimer’s Association Delaware Valley Chapter’s Junior Committee for their contributions as a millennial force who understand full well what this disease means to their generation.

It’s been awhile since I danced with my wife and even longer since I’ve worn a tuxedo. My balance has been an issue since my symptoms began and loud crowds and commotion diminish my executive functions and make me more confused. I have been using noise reduction earplugs and they worked great on Saturday night. I felt so welcomed as people spoke to me and I introduced myself as a person living with Alzheimer’s. I was introduced to many people and made new friends.  I look forward to working with and continue to build on those relationships.

Thank you Alzheimer’s Association Delaware Valley Chapter and the Junior Committee for making the Party In Purple a great success and making us feel so welcome and encouraged.

Google Photos Album – Party In Purple 2017

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