To Drive Or Not To Drive

alzdrivingFor a person newly diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, especially a person with Early-Stage or younger onset, the topic of whether or not to drive can be a very hard one to work through.

Alzheimer’s disease can effect our balance, motor skills, cognition, spacial and direction navigation and could prevent us from using common sense and logic.  We must put our pride and egos aside for the lose of what some call independence to prevent the possibility of us killing ourselves, our loved ones or others on the road.

As soon as I was diagnosed I chose to put my reliance on the Lord and put my pride and ego aside and used common sense and logic measured with the fear of the consequence of injuring myself or others from being behind the wheel.

This may be very hard to hear for some.  I understand this deeply and I have empathy for my fellow comrades living with Alzheimer’s.  Being diagnosed and living with Alzheimer’s is an upheaval to our worlds.  But, with this said, I believe we have a duty to do what is right and hang up the keys when it’s time.

To discuss this topic further, please call the Alzheimer’s Association’s 24/7 Helpline at 800-272-3900.

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~Jeff Borghoff

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