Caregiver Task Force: Assembly, No. 1463 – Thank You

caregiverDear Assemblywoman Lampitt, Mosquera, Huttle, Pinkin and Assemblymen Danielsen and Eustace,
+ I’m Including Assemblywoman Gove and Assemblymen Rumpf, Wolfe, McGuckin, Dancer, Clifton, Kean and Rible as they represent Ocean County where I live.

My name is Jeff Borghoff. I am 52 years old and I was diagnosed with the more aggressive Early-Stage (or younger onset) in March of this year. Since my diagnosis I have been working with the National Alzheimer’s Association as a member of the Early-Stage Advisory Group and also working with the Greater NJ Chapter and the NJ Alzheimer’s Advocacy Committee. I wanted to personally thank you on behalf of myself and my wife, my caregiver, for your support of the Assembly, No. 1463 Caregiver Task Force bill. I often think when I hear people say he or she is suffering with Alzheimer’s disease that it may be in many cases that the ones who are really suffering are the caregivers and their families as they see their loved ones fade away mentally and physically. We need more support for our NJ caregivers in the way of support groups and resources. I can tell you my wife travels almost 3 hours on the third Saturday of each month to Freehold NJ from Forked River to attend a support group for early-stage caregivers. We’ve been working with Claire Day from the Greater NJ Chapter to start a support group in Bayville NJ, Ocean County as we’ve found a number of early-stage constituents living in the Ocean County area.

On behalf of our local Greater NJ Chapter and the NJ Alzheimer’s Advocacy Committee I encourage you to continue your support this bill.

Working with my amazing friends at the Alzheimer’s Association Greater NJ chapter and with their guidance I would like to make myself available to you for anything to help you achieve the success of this bill and generate greater awareness of Alzheimer’s disease and support the vast number of people in our great state that are effected by this disease.

Thank you,

Jeff Borghoff

Update 11/4/2016 – Response from Senator Connors


Update 11/14/2016 – Response from Assemblyman Sean Kean


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